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The heritage and legacy of Japan are created from extraordinary nature and the surrounding sea. The Japanese history and modern technology met in minimalism and elegance, which is shown the world’s attention is incarnated in Geo & Mio's pearl jewelry.
Geo & Mio produces quality pearls from Japanese sea and through a complicated process, which makes each piece unique. Dedicated to the process and deliver precious creations in house, Geo & Mio embraces the culture and nature, which transforms into classic jewelry.

For centuries, beautiful things attracted millions of people. And the pearl made a way to kings and even valued highly by men's fashion. Japan started research on pearls in the early 20th century. Okada’s family from Japan, Shikoku island. They have been farming sea pearls for almost 150 years. Currently, third generation in the family and his passion was acquiring rare and unusual gemstones, Okada has a longstanding legacy of discovery. In the 80s, Geo & Mio had a chance to create a jewelry piece for the Emperor of Japan. Through history we learnt to appreciate the culture and environment becoming the quality standard of Japan.
Geo & Mio & Japan 
Okada san has always found a favored source of inspiration in the movement and flow of nature.  Over the decades, the beauties of Japan have been translated into Geo & Mio’s unmistakable  jewellery codes, indelibly shaping the Brand identity. Chromatic symphonies, balance of volumes  and flair for geometries brilliantly evoked Japanese unique coexistence of traditions and  technologies. It came to unforgettable colours in Silent Blue, when you see it, you find it hard to  describe its beauty
About our mission
& vision
Provide the best experience to customers and make accessible jewelry and preserve nature.

To encourage the exploration of nature and sharing Japanese culture.
Geo and Mio - inspired from nature and scenery of Japanese sea and mountains. Word Geo from Greek means “earth” and Mio from Japanese is “deep water”. Those two connect and create natural pearls that're only a small element to alraedy beautiful women.
Can be wore with various styles
Japanese experience, customisation
Service, packaging, at fair price
Listen, share, connect
Spread message to the world about nature and culture of Japan
Geo & Mio Pearls

Akoya pearls, known in Japan as Japanese pearls, have been loved for centuries. These pearls are symbolic of Japan and are recognized around the world. Japan is a major producer of the Akoya pearl mollusk, which forms the mother shell and lives in calm inner bay waters with a water temperature ranging between 15-25℃. They are known for their stunning and elegant luster created by the delicate colors of the multilayered nacre and come in colors ranging from silver, gold, cream, pink, green and blue etc. Their shape is generally round and comes in a standard size of 6-8mm.

Akoya Pearls
Values of company
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Tachibana has given top priority to training its workers. Within the workshops, production  processes are constantly improved and multiple specialized skills are cultivated, updated, and  passed on to guarantee high-quality standards. Tachibana can draw upon a vast reservoir of in-house expertise and experience uniting more than 30 different crafts within the twin fields of  Japanese watch and jewelry-making. 

Each main product line is based on a family member's passion, such as fabulous stones, nature,  unique jewelry pieces or the highest levels of precision and finishing details in Pearl pieces. 
In harmony with its past and with Okada's pragmatic philosophy, independence is the primary  value of the company. As such, production has reached a high level of vertical integration to  ensure the ability to decide and create freely. At the same time, it allows the Geo & Mio company  to maintain a permanent level of high quality and constant innovation, keeping the Japanese  quality alive through the generations. 
Audacity to be Creative 
Success is the child of audacity. It requires a delicate balance between the determination to  promote company growth and the ability to take calculated risks. Each Geo & Mio creation has its  own story, and creativity is both encouraged and supported in each field of activity. From the  Design and R&D teams in Shikoku who carry the Japanese expertise, to our customer sales  attendants in each store, every member of the Geo & Mio family strives to bring a unique touch.
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Tel: +123 466 567 78
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