Pearl Farm
Process of Making Geo & Mio Pearl
Pearl Selection
Geo & Mio’s approach has always been to design around the individual beauty of individual pearl by creating the perfect setting for each piece to shine. Each creation begins with a sketch done by hand in meticulous detail. This allows the designer to convey to the craftsmen the fluidity and overall harmony of the design that brings out the collective beauty of both the setting and the stone.
In creating its fine jewelry designs, the House of Geo & Mio has been a pioneer in strictly utilizing platinum settings that allow pearls to appear as if they are floating in their settings. The most durable precious metal, platinum possesses an ethereal, light color that compliments rather than competes with a pearl’s white nature, ensuring that the beauty of the pearl stands at the forefront of each design. Mr. Okada firmly believes that nothing should distract from a pearl's natural luster, leading to innovative techniques in craftsmanship, such as the House’s iconic blue colour settings. The setting securely holds the pearl in place, with eight ultra-fine prongs that seamlessly blend into the ring’s design, seeming to disappear behind the radiance of the center stone.
After each detail is meticulously reviewed, the finished jewel leaves the workshop. The culmination of efforts and skills between gemologist, designer and craftsman, each engagement ring represents the high quality standards that are synonymous with the Geo & Mio name, and serves as a precious symbol as rare and unique as true love itself.
Emperor of Pearl
It starts with a gemstone beyond imagination. And once in the hands of Okada's renowned designers and master craftsmen is transformed into an incredible jewel that is nothing short of perfection.

The creation of each piece of Geo & Mio pearl jewelry evolves from a singular desire to celebrate the individual beauty of each piece and the individual style of each woman they adorn. Using pioneering techniques developed by the House’s master craftsmen and designers, extraordinary jewels are handcrafted in delicate platinum, and meticulously handset with only the highest quality gemstones.

In establishing the company’s signature style, Mr. Okada introduced a new philosophy for fine jewelry design, in which jewels were defined by the gemstones themselves, and not the metal they were set in.

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