Pearl quality
Nacre quality
Pearls are a piece of nature.
This is the definition in Geo & Mio, because pearl is a product that holds beauty and does not require human intervention. It is already a perfection. For the production and pearl farming we dive to the South part of Japan water, choose and craft by masters to have the best quality pearls. Experience and time is the key to achieve these magical gemstones.
Nacre quality is the thickness of layer and the most crucial part of defining pearl quality.
It is not possible to reach wonderful interference color or luster without a nacre layer of a particular thickness. Nacre quality, luster and color are closely connected and basically a thicker nacre layer will make a better quality pearl as far as luster and colour is concerned. Geo & Mio pearls are chosen based on the nacre layer, the most crucial phase is determining pearl quality.
The shine of a pearl (the quality of light is reflected from the pearl itself) is called a luster.
Surface shine: Light which reflected from the surface of the pearl (gloss). Internal shine: Light which reflected from the internal layers of the pearl. It changes depending on the thickness of the nacre layer, conformity and optical transparency.
Pearls are different in color according to the type of oyster that produces them.
Colours differ from cream, deep blue and black. White and pink roses are the most Akoya colours. Though colour choice is a matter of personal preference, always look for colour that is distributed evenly on pearl.
Pearls are mostly round and perfectly round pearls are better in quality.
Although, pearls might come in different shapes and also extremely rare and gorgeous gems can be found in the tear drop or semi-round category.
Pearl size is measured in diameters and size is not directly related to nacre quality.
Pearls are traded in terms of weight and because there is more demand for larger gems, when all other quality factors are the same, the larger gem will generally demand a higher price.
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